“I was sick in bed and my husband was at work and there was no one there to help me in bed. So I quickly turned on my laptop and browsed the Internet and found Pink Dot. I quickly called them and ordered one of their ready fresh soups, carton of orange juice and a pack of Advil. Within 30 minutes of my order, my food and medicine was delivered to my house. I did not even have to leave my home to go to the supermarket, thanks to Pink Dot delivering my needs”.

Elizabeth, 32 Century City, CA

“It was in the middle of party on a Saturday night and my guests were jamming to music, and I ran out of alcohol. I went swarming in my bar and there was nothing left. I urgently asked my buddy, what should I do? He quickly reassured me that Pink Dot was open and they deliver alcohol. I got on my cell phone and dialed 1-800-PINK-DOT and ordered a case of Imperia Vodka. I did not have to leave my party and stayed home to entertain my guest till the delivery guy came into my house, set up the alcohol and left. Pink Dot rescued me and my friends from driving down from the Hills”.

Joey, 29 West Hollywood, CA

“I was getting ready for my girlfriend and a couple of my other friends to come over my house one rainy night when I suddenly noticed that I had no food or drinks at home. The rain was coming down pretty hard and I really did not feel like suiting up and going out to the market in that weather. So I went online and searched for online markets when I came upon Pink Dot. Pink Dot not only offered all the foods that I wanted, such as great deli sandwiches, pastas and salads, but it had drinks as well. I placed my order and before I knew it the delivery man was at my door. It ended up being the perfect night thanks to Pink Dot!”

Darius, 25 West Hollywood, CA

“I was just about to go to the market to get some food one day when I suddenly realized my car had a flat tire. I did not have anybody to take me to the grocery store and I had to buy the food as soon as possible to get it ready for dinner for my husband and kids. I really did not have time to wait for AAA to show up, so I called a few friends and asked if they knew about any groceries that deliver to your home. Sure enough they mentioned Pink Dot and said they have amazing food and deliver quote fast. So I called Pink Dot, ordered everything I needed and in no time Pink Dot had it delivered over to my house. So not only did I save myself tons of time, but I got dinner ready just in time for my hungry kids and my husband. Pink Dot truly saved the day for me!”

Melissa, 34 Beverly Hills, CA

“Easily the best shopping experience I have ever had. I never even had to leave the comfort of my home and wait in that long line at the grocery store. I simply laid back on my couch, picked up the phone, called Pink Dot and ordered everything I needed. It did not take long for them to deliver my food and best part of all I got to catch my favorite TV show right on time!”

David, 21 West Hollywood, CA