Pink Dot offers grocery curbside delivery in Los Angeles. The reason why we offer this is to save you time.

Grocery Delivery Los Angeles – Curb Side

We may not have invented grocery delivery, but we perfected it! With your hectic life, it’s nice to know that at least you don’t have the hassle of going to the grocery store to get your groceries.

Let’s face it, no one likes to go grocery shopping. Walking around the whole store looking for each item, not being able to find the item on the first pass through the store, and then having to go back through again until you find it. Lugging all of your groceries to the checkout only to wait in a long line to be rung up.

Then the best part of all, your reward for finally finding everything on your list, you get to load everything into your car, moving around all of the items already in your trunk to make room for the groceries, hoping nothing gets squashed, broken or mangled.

If that wasn’t enough, now you get to unload all of your groceries, carry them into the house and put them all away. Sure, there are things in life worse than grocery shopping, but honestly, not very many. There’s got to be an easier way!

Well there is a much easier way to shop for groceries. Call Pink Dot, and let us do the shopping for you and then deliver your groceries right to your door.

With over 15 years of providing our customers with the the freshest produce, the finest meats and cheeses, the best in grocery products, the tastiest prepared meals and so much more. The best part of all, all of your groceries will be delivered right to your door.

No more spending your valuable time searching out items in the store, no more hassle and no more struggling with heavy groceries.

In roughly 30 to 45 minutes Pink Dot will deliver your choice of thousands of name brand items to your home, office, or even your hotel room. You can also select your choice of fresh made to order breakfast, sandwiches, soups, salads, pizza or pasta and so much more.

How it Works

First call 1-800-PINK DOT, between the hours of 9AM and 3 AM, seven days a week and one of our helpful operators will ask for your zip code to make sure we deliver to your area. For your convenience, you can also order online.

Next, give the operator your grocery list. Choose from any of the thousands of name brand items we carry at our everyday low prices.

After you place your order please make sure to let the operator know of any special instructions or directions that will ensure your delivery arrives correctly and promptly.


I’m sure you think that a service this convenient would be expensive. It’s not! Just like everything else at Pink Dot, our grocery delivery service is very affordable. Actually, when you figure the amount of gas you’ll use driving to and from the store and then your time, having your groceries delivered by Pink Dot is actually cheaper!

At Pink Dot, we know how hectic life can be. That is why our goal is to at least make your grocery shopping as simple and convenient as possible.

So Simple and Saves You Time

So the next time you are on your way home and do not have the energy to walk into a fully packed grocery store, simply give Pink Dot a call at 1-(800) PINK – DOT and we will take care of your every need.