Bev Canned Wines

Female Forward:
Bev is one of the first female owned and run alcohol companies in the US market. We are on a mission to revolutionize drinking culture by creating a safe place for women and underserved communities to feel spoken to, and are thankful to have gandered a cult following of individuals who share these beliefs. 

Zero Sugar:
We are thrilled to announce that we are the FIRST TTB-approved wine to be approved to advertise zero grams of sugar due to our unique fermentation process which completely eradicates sugar from our final product. In addition to this, we are also proud to say that we are one of the only canned wines on the market that produce an additive-free, high quality juice varietal, which brings me to my last highlight..

High Quality Convenience: 
The rise in canned alcoholic beverages is apparent in this day-in-age, but we often see our competitors lacking the quality aspect of their product that consumers are searching for. Quality is something that we take very seriously over at Bev, which is why all of our varietals are made additive-free from happy California grapes in sustainably soured facilities. We don't believe that the rise of canned beverages should jeopardize the quality of the wine that our consumer is drinking, which is why we chose to create a product that gives our consumer the quality of bottled wine in an easy-to-drink and eco-friendly can. This has also been very beneficial to our account partners who are beginning to see a change in consumer behavior that leans towards single-use, sanitary containers.