Pinkarita - Spicy Margarita Cocktail Kit

Be the bartender! With Pink Dot's Craft Cocktails On-Demand we deliver you everything you need to make the highest quality drinks at home or the office.

Consider it a little upgrade from the basic cran + voda. Plus, you get to take all the credit ;)

Our pink twist on a spicy margarita. Prickly Pear, lime, cactus fruit, spicy bitters, garnished with cactus (makes for the perfect picture). Recommended with tequila or mezcal but works with any spirit. 

Each package comes with:

  • Fresh lime juice
  • Fresh Prickly Pear cocktail syrup
  • Firewater Bitters & Cactus Garnish
  • Napkins & Straws
  • Tajin Chili Salt
  • Recipe Card & Measuring Cup

Add-on as needed:

  • Liquor
  • Cups
  • Ice

**Each cocktail kit can make up to 16 drinks**

**Having a cocktail shaker is recommended. If you don't have one you can add one below**