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Ice Cream

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Pressed Juices

Clover Juice Brand

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How It Works

Step One

Pink Dot Worker on Telephone

Call 1-800-Pink-Dot or
Order Online & Place your order

Step Two

Pink Dot Worker in Grocery Store

We will shop for you

Step Three

Pink Dot Delivery Person

Pink Dot will deliver to your
destination in about 30-45 minutes

Be Lazy - We Deliver Room Service

Lazy Wins - Home grocery delivery L.A. - Pink Dot

Enjoy being lazy with your own personal Room Service.  Pink Dot Deliveries fresh and tasty items to your home for you can enjoy your life.

Tired of carrying cartons of water up the stairs to your house – Let Pink Dot deliver!

Enjoying a movie marathon?  Let Pink Dot delivery dinner, wine and beer and dessert while you enjoy your screening.

Summer Drink - Seabreeze

Absolut Seabreeze - closeup


How to mix

Fill a chilled highball glass with ice cubes. Add all ingredients. Garnish with lime.

Pink Dot Happiness Index

People driving to get food & drink 29%
People ordering in food & drink 89%
People on meal delivery diets 7%

We have happy team members who purpose is to bring room service quality entertainment deliveries to your door.

Trust Pink Dot 25 years of experience to supply you with great prepared foods, drinks and liquor, sundries and all of your home delivery needs by our friendly, fast, and fun staff.

Enjoy your company, family and friends today the Pink Dot way.  Call us or order online and increase your happiness instantly.

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